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ILLEGIBILUS APP by spongebuns ILLEGIBILUS APP by spongebuns

placeholder app because i am trash :iconomgcryplz:


Name: Marie Sexton
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5”6’
Weight: 126 lbs
Birthday: June 2nd
Nationality: English
House:  Gryffindor
Year: 7th
Interests & Dislikes:
✿ eating food/food in general
✿ quidditch
✿ puns
✿ cricket
✿ music
✿ lame jokes
✿ raspberry flavoured everything

❀ liars (even if she lies too)
❀ party poopers
❀ liquorice
❀ having no money ; (
❀ silence (but she's okay with comfortable silence)

There’s no way to really define Marie in a couple of words. Her parents were two cheery and humorous people, and Marie picked up most of her traits from them. She is awfully humorous, and enjoys making jokes and being ridiculous. It isn’t to the extent that people usually assume though, as Marie is always aware of the situation, and is (usually) empathic and (usually) acts accordingly. 
She prefers there to be no awkward silences or tension in her conversations, and thinks tranquil silence to be a bit lonely. 
Marie is a spunky individual, often spirited and annoyingly optimistic. She fights fire with fire, and often—or actually, always— is extremely sarcastic. She’ll take any jokes in good-humour, and isn’t the type to bear grudges. Because of this, people believe her to be rude and overly forward, and Marie isn’t the type to let anyone belittle her either, so these people will walk away very definite in their opinions about her. 
She is random, and very contradictory, so don’t be surprised if she adapts to the mood in a way that isn’t light-hearted as per usual. As said, she is empathic towards people she knows well, and only does what she thinks will make them happier. Although what she thinks will make them happy sometimes ends up the complete opposite. 
Lastly, her Gryffindor bravery cannot be forgotten. Marie’s bravery isn’t defined as just as absence of fear, but by her ability to act when she needs to, even if against all odds. She will take a stand and fight for what she believes in easily. She is brave in her own right. Despite this, Marie doesn’t really think herself brave; she actually labels herself as a bit of a coward. A coward because she avoids things too easily, especially when involving the people she doesn’t want to hurt.

extra personality traits because this is too long:

- shameless
- mischievous
- rebellious/defiant
- witty
- really weird………
- says things she wants to take back a lot
- very blatant (most of the time)
Marie maintained a sunny disposition throughout her childhood. Born as the first child to two utterly loving and happy muggle parents, she was followed by her younger brother, Arden, when she was three. As such, Maria bared no qualms about her parents no longer doting on just her, and loved her brother dearly, even if he was a bit of a brat.
When Marie entered school, she gained a reputation of being an oddball. Strange things happened around her: crayons turning into paints (much to her childish delight), friends never able to find her in a game of hide and seek, and the spook in which after having a nightmare, Marie woke up in the dark, only to find the lights flickering on. These events were usually overlooked by the adults, luckily enough.
However, even if she was peculiar, Marie found her elementary school life to be extremely fun. She made friends easily, and was always eager to make more. Marie constantly had funny lame jokes to tell, and often times lightened the mood. Her parents were a spunky duo, and influenced her growing personality much more than her friends did. Marie was usually always happy, growing up in her lively home.
She was simply normal—well, as much as was possible.
On the day of her eleventh birthday, normal was something she ceased to be, as an acceptance letter to Hogwarts landed on the Sexton family's doorstep. Her parents were both accepting and completely fascinated, while her brother (albeit a tad jealous) was proud that his weird sister was even weirder. 
Marie entered the wizarding world mesmerised, gaining as much knowledge as she could. She wasn't really an academic child, but maintained her grades in Hogwarts merely due to the fact that she was interested. She was fairly hesitant her first year though, a complete contrast to her usual nature. Only after meeting people and adapting to her new life was Marie back to her old self (but still somewhat dulled down) for the rest of her school years. 
She did mature a bit, as she passed her adolescent years, probably due to the fact that she wasn't always surrounded by her cheery and usually immature home. 
Marie often writes back home, using her new pet, Dingaling, to mail her letters, but contacts her brother much more frequently—much to his apparent ‘annoyance’—and he sends just as many letters. Probably because she often includes loot from Honeydukes.
mother: Adria Sexton – 41 years old (muggle)
father: Noah Dunn-Sexton – 40 years old (muggle)
younger brother: Arden Sexton – 13 years old (muggle)
Elective Classes: Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies
Extra Curricular:  Frog Choir, Gryffindor Quidditch Commentator

silencio: silences the target of the spell
aguamenti: conjures a beam of water from the caster’s wand
episkey: heals damage inflicted on a target
accio: summons the named object to the caster; the caster should have a general idea of the object’s location
lumos: causes a small light to shine at the tip of the caster’s wand
cheering charm: cheers the target up/charms them to become happier
Wand Ingredients: 
core: Unicorn Hair
length:  11 ¾ inches
wood:  Pear
flexibility:  Stiff 

name: Dingaling
species: Brown Owl
gender: Female
personality: sassiest owl ever | very stubborn | tends to show affection through violence
- she wanted to be Gryffindor’s Quidditch beater, but is admittedly terrible at flying
- the last name is a running joke in her family (because they're all really mature);; Marie’s mother mused that since she faced embarrassment throughout her teen life because of it, so her family should suffer too- ‘Sexton’ is one of the only things that can embarrass Marie, although she’ll usually play it off as a joke
- she drinks a lot of water, which is one of the reasons why she learnt Aguamenti
- Marie has freckles on her cheeks and nose, nowhere else
- when/if ever at all Marie cries, she hiccups
- 'Cause I feel like I'm the worst, so I always act like I'm the best.' ;; this line basically sums up Marie pretty well, don't take her self compliments to heart, she never means them HAHA
- received an owl from her parents as an extremely early birthday present (she begged), and she'll be sure to constantly send letters to anyone she knows, even at school (and even if you're in the same dorm sorry Amy) <3
- old app:
- I'm just really sorry for Marie always sorry

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